Petal Press Ring

Petal Press Ring

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**This product is pre-order only & can take up to 10 weeks to complete. It is gold-filled and true to size. Please be sure of your ring size before ordering, because we cannot refund or exchange if the size is wrong.

The “cup” for the flower is 5mm, so only the tiniest bits of flowers will be used for this piece. Bigger flowers will be turned into “petal confetti” to be preserved in this ring. Please specify your preference on color per ring in “notes” section.


Petal Press Pendants are a unique way to preserve flowers or greenery from any special occasion (wedding, baby, funeral, anniversary, etc). These pressed flower pendants are a collaboration between two Lafayette artists: Mia Sapienza with M Collectives ( & Arrie Broussard with Petal Press Decor ( ). Each pendant is a custom, hand-made design that perfectly preserves the flowers and greenery in resin. Flowers can be given to us fresh OR dried, making these the sweetest keepsake for you and your loved ones!

  • Pressed flowers sealed with resin
  • A custom piece (used from flowers you give us)