OPEN FOR ORDERS 🌼Current turn-around times are as follows --- Pressed pieces: 6-7 months || Pendant/Jewelry orders: 6-7 months 🌼 Maternity Leave Notice: YOU ARE WELCOME TO ORDER IN ADVANCE (prior to july 10th) and I will be able to coordinate a drop off with one of my girls while I am out. Orders will CLOSE starting July 10, 2023 and re-open in early October. Thanks for your understanding! 🌼

Dried Flowers- Shipping Instructions


If you are interested in overnighting your fresh flowers in order for us to receive them in their optimal stage, please follow our Instructions for Overnighting Fresh Flowers.



Whether your flowers are currently fresh or not, they will need to be fully dried before shipping.

Take the flowers out of the bouquet and hanging them either one-by-one or in bunches (no more than 3 flowers per bunch) upside down from a regular clothes hanger to dry in a dark, cool, indoor space with low humidity. You can use clips, string, yarn, ribbon. etc. to attach them to the hanger. The additional greenery and sprigs should also be hung upside down to keep them straight and dry. If your bouquet has already been dried for months/years, that's fine too! 

Once dried for at least 3 weeks, check that the flowers are FULLY DRIED before shipping. Pack your bouquet with INK-FREE paper (packing paper, copy paper, and paper towels work well). Use extra paper or peanuts to fill in any gaps in the box. Make sure to use 'fragile' stickers if shipping. 2-3 day shipping is recommended. PLEASE put your full name (First, Maiden/Middle, & Last name) with your Order Number inside of the box with your flowers.

Petal Press Décor
101 Newcastle Drive
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(Please DO NOT ship to our listed studio address of 116 Fountain Bend. Ship to the above 101 Newcastle address)