Shipping Instructions

If I will be using personal flowers provided by you & you're from the Lafayette, LA area, email me at with available dates and times for you to drop off.

If you will need to ship your flowers, please email me at for the shipping address.

SHIPPING INFO: I'm starting to suggest the hanging process a bit differently in order to ensure the flowers stay in the best shape possible. Because bouquets are so full and tightly packed, mold is always a concern. I suggest taking the flowers out of the bouquet and hanging them either one-by-one or in bunches (no more than 3 flowers per bunch) upside down from a regular clothes hanger to dry in a dark, cool, indoor space with low humidity until you can get them to me. It's best to get the flowers to me as soon as possible, or within 1 weeks. You can do this by taking the bouquet apart, or cutting the flowers out of the bouquet and leaving at least half of the stem attached to the flower bud. The additional greenery and sprigs should also be hung upside down to keep them straight and dry. Do not leave them in water. If your bouquet has already been dried for months/years, that's fine too! 

Once dried for about 1-2 weeks, pack your bouquet with INK-FREE paper (packing paper, copy paper, and paper towels work well). Use extra paper or peanuts to fill in any gaps in the box. Make sure to use 'fragile' stickers if shipping. 2-3 day shipping is recommended. PLEASE put your full name (First, Maiden/Middle, & Last name) with your Order Number inside of the box with your flowers.