🌼Current turn-around times are as follows🌼 Pressed pieces: 5-6 months || Pendant/Jewelry orders: 3-4 months 🌼

Care Instructions

Care Instructions
Tips for keeping your Petal Press at its best for years to come.
    • Display indoors in a well ventilated area with low moisture
    • Do not place in direct sunlight
    • Lightly wipe with a lint-free rag to clean
    • Do not place items on top of the completed piece
    • Should not be stored in a closed container for an extended amount of time
    • If shipping is necessary, be sure to wrap the entire piece in clear cellophane (no ink or design) before packing in paper or peanuts.
    • FOR WOODEN PRESSES ONLY: For an additional layer of protection, spray a clear non-yellowing Acrylic Sealer on top of the completed piece. (Acrylic Sealer should be applied no sooner than 4 weeks after the piece is completed.)

Disclaimer: While our highest priority is to preserve sentimental flowers for as long as possible, please keep in mind that there are certain things out of our control. This includes a rare possibility of the flowers containing mold or microorganisms that were present from the start but may not be noticeable throughout the designing process and/or flower discoloration before/after the finished product. Due to flowers being a natural product, each individual flower is unique and will age differently.