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Fresh Flowers - OVERNIGHT SHIPPING Instructions

We do not require that you overnight your flowers, however fresh flowers are optimal for the best possible outcome of your press(es). If you are interested in drying your flowers before shipping due to higher rates of overnighting a package, please follow our Instructions for Shipping Dried Flowers.



In order to ensure that your flowers arrive in the best shape possible, we ask that you overnight the flowers on Monday after the event- NO exceptions (unless Monday is a national holiday, which will affect shipping). Please be sure that we are aware you’ll be overnighting your flowers to us. 

NOTE: Check rates before shipping!

  1. Flowers must be kept in fresh water and changed daily until the day the flowers are shipped to us. Remove ribbon from the stems before placing them in water.
  2. Before packing, cut a couple of inches off of the stems and add wet paper towels around the stems so they can stay hydrated throughout the shipping process.
  3. Place a plastic bag with a rubber band around the stems. This will help keep the paper towel from drying out.
  4. Put the flowers in a large box with a generous amount of loose paper towels. This will keep the flowers in place and will avoid too much movement.
  5. Lastly, please be sure to put your full name (First name, Maiden name, Last name), Order number, and Phone number inside of the box with your flowers... or feel free to print out your order confirmation email as it will have all of this info.
  6. Add fragile stickers to the outside of the package.
  7. OVERNIGHT the package. This does not mean 1-2 day shipping, which can sometimes turn into 4-5 days of your flowers being in the mail and arriving unusable.
  8.  Ship to 101 Newcastle Drive Lafayette, LA 70503


Please be sure to follow these instructions carefully. We are not responsible for flowers that arrive damaged or unusable.