🌼Current turn-around times are as follows🌼 Pressed pieces: 4-5 months || Pendant/Jewelry orders: 2-3 months

Potential Risks When Ordering Wooden Presses:

Wooden presses are more at risk to be damaged by certain types of bugs that are attracted to dried flowers and other dried products. This is a rare issue that we have only seen a handful of times (.001% of the pieces we have created), but we still want to keep you informed of the possibility. Though we put a top coat on all of our pieces to seal them, it’s still possible for bugs of this kind to get into your press at any time.


The standard way to display pressed flowers is behind glass in order to limit exposure to outside elements such as:

  • Damage caused by bugs and other organisms
  • Color fading from sunlight exposure
  • Moisture damage

We still like to offer these wooden presses because it’s a cost-friendly way to have a special keepsake created without the additional costs of framing and supplies. Again, there’s a very small chance that your wooden press will be damaged by bugs, but we feel it’s necessary to keep you informed. 

Feel free to check out our other Minimalist Collection, Paper Presses, and Pendant Collection for presses that are behind glass and/or resin (pendants).

Petal Press Décor is not responsible for damage that occurs to completed items once they leave our studio. By ordering through Petal Press Décor and petalpressdecor.com, you agree to all of our terms and conditions.