🌼Current turn-around times are as follows🌼 Pressed pieces: 4-5 months || Pendant/Jewelry orders: 2-3 months 🌼 CHRISTMAS CUT-OFF DATE: OCTOBER 15, 2022 🌼


F R E S H   F L O W E R S :
Flowers should be dropped off no later than 4 days after the event (wedding, funeral, etc.) The pressing process varies for each flower, so it's best to receive the flowers as soon as possible.

1. At home, keep your flowers in a vase of shallow water (2-3 inches) in the fridge before hanging them to transport to my studio. Remove all ribbon, charms, rosaries, or special keepsakes added to the arrangement before placing them in water.

2. Flowers must arrive at the studio on hangers as follows...The night before/ day of drop off, remove any excess water from the stems with a paper towel.

3. Take the flowers and hang them either one-by-one or in bunches (no more than 3 flowers per bunch) upside down from a regular clothes hanger using clips/clothespins, ribbon, string (whatever you have on hand that will hold them in place on the hanger). The additional greenery and sprigs should also be hung upside. 

See photo below for an example.

4. Once all of the flowers and greenery have been attached to the hangers, keep in a dark, cool, indoor space with low humidity before your scheduled drop off.

5. If you haven't already scheduled a drop off please email me at petalpressdecor@gmail.com to do so.



D R I E D   F L O W E R S :
I can also use flowers that have been dried for months or years if no mold is present. Contact me if you're unsure about your flowers!


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F L O W E R S   T H A T    M A Y    N O T    P R E S S    W E L L :
Calla lilies, Lilies, Lisianthus, White Orchids, Daffodils, Chrysanthemums, Tulips, White Gladiolus 

The flowers listed above should be used as a guide. Please remember that flowers are a natural product, and each flower will press and age differently.


Note: All flowers colors will change in one way or another. Some flowers may darken while others get lighter.  White flowers especially will fade to off-white, ivory, or tan. All of these changes are natural and should be expected.

DisclaimerWhile our highest priority is to preserve sentimental flowers for as long as possible, please keep in mind that there are certain things out of our control. This includes a rare possibility of the flowers containing mold or microorganisms that were present from the start but may not be noticeable throughout the designing process and/or flower discoloration before/after the finished product. Our team takes proactive steps to ensure the flowers are kept from harm of any kind. However, due to flowers being a natural product, each individual flower is unique and will age differently.