OPEN FOR ORDERS 🌼Current turn-around times are as follows --- Pressed pieces: 6-7 months || Pendant/Jewelry orders: 6-7 months 🌼 Maternity Leave Notice: YOU ARE WELCOME TO ORDER IN ADVANCE (prior to july 10th) and I will be able to coordinate a drop off with one of my girls while I am out. Orders will CLOSE starting July 10, 2023 and re-open in early October. Thanks for your understanding! 🌼


With a new baby comes lots of fresh flowers! Whether it be a bouquet from the Baby Shower, flowers from the day of birth, or even just a gift to the new mother... we've got you covered! We will create a piece that will remind you of the new life and joy you experienced even before your precious new bundle of joy arrived!

Please note: Flowers can be fresh or dried when given to us.

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