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Sign of the Cross- Prayer Press

Sign of the Cross- Prayer Press

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A sweet little accent displaying the "Sign of the Cross" for any room that pairs well with other decor.

  • 7.5" x 3.5"
  • hole to hang on back
  • sprig colors will remain similar depending on availability
  • featured in photo: Medium Stain

Potential Risks When Ordering Wooden Presses:
Wooden presses are more at risk to be damaged by certain types of bugs that are attracted to dried flowers and other dried products. This is a rare issue that we have only seen a handful of times (.001% of the pieces we have created), but we still want to keep you informed of the possibility. Though we treat every flower for bugs and put a top coat on all of our pieces to seal them, it’s still possible for bugs of this kind to get into your press at any time. Please click here for the full list of risks associated with wooden presses.

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